Lady of Gaming for the Month of April: Krysti Pryde

Last month, I started a new monthly feature called “Lady of Gaming” to draw attention to women in the gaming industry. Whether she is a gamer, a developer, an entrepreneur, a on-air personality: ANYTHING game related, she will be someone who I think you should know a little more about.

If you know someone you would like to nominate for “Lady of Gaming” for the month of May, shoot me an email at sarahtherebel at realotakugamer dot com.

So, without further ado, I present:

Krysti Pryde

You may remember Krysti as the runner-up in this season’s The Tester. The Florida native repped hard for our lady gamers and almost won the whole shebang!

Krysti took some time to answer a few of my questions about her inspirations, current games, and the state of gaming for the lady gamer.

What are your favorite games right now?

I am really enjoying Journey, and am revisiting the Assassin’s Creed series. I have also been playing WoW again until Diablo III comes out!

Do you play online? If so, have you ever had any problems with someone treating you differently for being a female gamer?

I used to play online A LOT, but recently not so often because I have been pretty focused on getting caught up on a lot of games and blowing through campaigns. When I do play online though, it’s unfortunate, but I do get comments when people realize I am a girl. Lots of juvenile comments.

They obviously don’t bother me, but it honestly does take away from the fun of playing online, because I usually end up pretty annoyed and going back to a different game, offline.

What do you think of the way women are treated in the gaming industry? What about how you personally are treated?

Within my group of friends, I am very thankfully treated as just a normal person/gamer.

On the internet, I get a fair amount of sh*t for it. I see this happen to other female gamers I know too: About how we can’t really like games, we are “casual” gamers, we don’t know what we are talking about when it comes to games, and, my personal favorite – that we are pandering to guys on the internet. Really? I am pretending to like games so I can impress a bunch of angry nerds in cyber-space? Yeah, you got me.

On the other end, I have lots of friends/fans that I talk to about games daily online, and they treat me as another regular gamer. So, unfortunately, even though most girls don’t make a big deal about playing games, other people will always be around to make it a big deal, whether in a positive or negative way.

I think this happens within anything though, not just gaming.

Who is your inspiration?

I gather a lot of inspiration from a lot of sources and people, but recently I have really been admiring Kim Swift, a game developer who worked on Portal. Portal was based on her own original idea, originally called Narbacular Drop – I really see her doing great things within the industry!

What are your plans now that The Tester season three is over?

Filming the show was an absolutely blast, and when that was over I was truly sad and missed everyone. We had to wait months for the show to even air, and then it was sort of like the thrill of filming was back, because looking forward to the episodes every week and talking to fans was the absolutely best thing. When that started coming to a close, I started to feel sad again, because it was such a fun ride to be on, and the support and all the friends I made because of the show was the most amazing thing. Even though it’s all over, I am left feeling motivated and driven to make my way into this industry regardless. So for that, I am thankful!

Krysti also had some words for encouragement for other female gamers: “Keep on doing what you do. Whether you casually play games here and there to unwind, or if you’re a competitive player, or you’re an industry knowledge nerd – keep on it. It’s great to meet other female gamers. Hopefully one day, this stigma of male vs. female gamers can eventually diminish.”

To learn more about Krysti and to check out her (very engaging) website, visit You should also follow her on Twitter and check her out on Facebook!

My favorite part of the interview was her observation that some people think “that we are pandering to guys on the internet. Really? I am pretending to like games so I can impress a bunch of angry nerds in cyber-space? Yeah, you got me.” This is a very astute observation and I hope the right person reads it and realizes how silly that sounds! We game for the same reason anyone games: it’s fun!

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