Better Late than Never: the Adventures of TheRebel at GDC!

GDC, the Game Developers Conference, is considered the second-biggest games conference next to E3 in importance and size. GDC is a meeting ground where programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, business decision-makers, and all other folks involved with the development of games can gather to exchange ideas and grow as creators.

This year, I attended GDC for the first time and, as usual, have some tips and info for first-time GDC attendees over at Real Otaku Gamer. (link forthcoming)

Other than that: here are a few of my experiences!

Expo Floor

At the expo, I played some Vita games, including Marvel vs Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat, and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. There were a lot of other games available to play, but most of them weren’t my kind of game.

On the 3DS side, I played the new Tekken and LOVED it. Some guy wanted to challenge me to beat his “unbeatable” friend, so I promptly stomped him around a few times. I love promoting healthy egos. 😉

On the unreleased game side, I played Girl Fight (which I will rant about in another post), Fingle, and a game about a broom janitor ninja that I can’t remember the name of.

Fingle was super fun and apparently made for couples. I played it with my dear Jonelle, and we found the experience super awkward…but neither of us could stop!

Fingle really highlights what I am noticing more and more as I meet and interact with game developers: a good game does not have to be a complicated saga. What made Fingle fun was that it was both challenging and simple.

Speaking of challenging, simple, and fun, I also got to try my hand (again) at Joust. Joust is just as fun as I remember, but people here were using very strong shoving tactics this time around, and I wasn’t eager to play too many rounds after fearing for my life.


Oh, and one must not forget the swag! I collected candy, trinkets, and a Darkness II statue, which I sold because it was too frightening to keep in my room!

Other swag: a flying robot, a password holder, a beanie, sunglasses, swag bag, USB bracelet, Sony play band, dice, and action figures.

The Greatest Swag of All.

Meta Game

As I perused the expo, I kept noticing people with stickers on their badges. I later discovered that they were playing the Meta Game, and I proceeded to acquire my pack of cards and play.

Let’s just say that no one, I mean NO ONE, can out-argue me. I destroyed all challengers and really wish I had found out about the championship match before it was over.

Party Rockin’

I had heard of the legendary GDC parties, and I must say: they did not disappoint!

I attended the WIGI Mixer, a secret, invite-only party by a major studio, the IGN Mixer at the IGN headquarters, and a video game PR karaoke party.

The WIGI party was my favorite because of the great mix in the crowd. It was completely packed, but included DELICIOUS food and great conversations.

sexy girl gamer yall

Posing at the WIGI party.

The IGN mixer is where I challenged a few foolish mortals to Tekken 6 on the arcade before finally being defeated by one of Destructoid’s community managers. However, I was the only one who came closest to beating him…until one of the people I originally defeated put on his MAGICAL SUNGLASSES and beat him, and then beat me! Crazy what a difference sunglasses made.

As I mentioned, the super-secret party was an amazing opportunity. I mixed and mingled with producers, developers, and designers. There were free (and fancy) hors d’oeuvres and drinks all night. Let me break this down: I got to sit down and have one-on-one meetings with people in this company for about three hours. I could meet with anyone I wanted.

You jellies?

Well then, you better make sure you attend next year’s GDC!


The best part of GDC, for me, was the friends I made and reconnected with. There is nothing like sharing your adventures with other crazy, nerdy folks. My squad consisted of one tank and one rogue (with me being your general two-handed melee fighter). ❤

Terror strikes on the expo floor.

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