Featured Lady of Gaming for the Month of March: Mandie Bettencourt

I’ve decided to start a new monthly feature called “Lady of Gaming” to draw attention to women in the gaming industry. Whether she is a gamer, a developer, an entrepreneur, a on-air personality: ANYTHING game related, she will be someone who I think you should know a little more about.

If you know someone you would like to nominate for “Lady of Gaming” for the month of April, shoot me an email at sarahtherebel at realotakugamer dot com.

So, without further ado, I present:

Mandie Bettencourt!

Mandie is the blogger behind Geeky Glamorous, a blog about geek culture and fashion.

Although I probably picked her solely for her shirt.

I first met Mandie in line at the Mass Effect 3 launch event in LA. Since then, she has continued to impress me with her geeky knowledge and awesome style.

She has a Bachelors in Game Art and Design, and she’s currently playing ME3, along with me and the rest of the world. Sadly, she is on PC and I am on PS3, so we can’t multi together. 😦

She also does reviews of items on YouTube, which I give mad props for!

Besides blogging, nerding out, gaming, and making videos, she also makes and sells glamorous geeky necklaces! Here is the link to buy one of these must-own adorable things!

Businesswoman, traveler, gamer, and cosplayer: Mandie, you are this month’s Lady of Gaming!

5 thoughts on “Featured Lady of Gaming for the Month of March: Mandie Bettencourt

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  2. Glad to see someone else spotlighting this often overlooked segment of the gaming community. Though I’m a guy I’m married and understand the importance of lady gamers in our way of life. I also have a feature like this I started at the beginning of the year. If youa re interested check it out at fragsandbeer.wordpress.com

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