Dragon Age II Expansion is No More, On to Dragon Age II

According to the BioWare forum, specifically Mark Darrah, the Dragon Age II expansion has been axed. He basically expressed the idea that the folks on the Dragon Age team are moving on to creating DAII.

While I admit that I did not like DAII, I did enjoy visiting the world BioWare created, and I’m pretty bummed that they aren’t bothering to release an expansion. Judging from the positive views of the DLC most folk had, it comes as a surprise that they must not have sold enough DLC to validate the full expansion. I had a great time with the DLC, and the environments felt much less recycled in Legacy (although pretty recycled still in Mark of the Assassin).

The big positive out of this is how much time Mark Darrah is taking to reply to people on this thread. I don’t know if it is a PR ploy to make them look like they are really going to listen to anything we say or if it is genuine, but I’d like to hope that he really does care what the fans think.

As for Dragon Age III…it hurts me to say this, but unless the trailer and news blow me away, I will be waiting to buy it used. In the meantime, I shall just read the comics!

2 thoughts on “Dragon Age II Expansion is No More, On to Dragon Age II

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