March is Women’s History Month…How Are You Celebrating?

I’m here to remind you that YES: it is Women’s History Month AS YOU READ THIS.

So why or how should you celebrate? Last year, I posted once every week on great women in gaming history, including Bonnie Burton, Doris Self, Roberta Williams, and Brenda Brathwaite. I also gave a little history lesson about International Women’s Day.

Many of you have blogs. Some of you have podcasts. A few of you are even lucky enough to know amazing women in RL.

My recommendations? Post about some of these amazing women. Write an article about a woman in gaming (or anything really), share the history of Women’s History Month with your readers, ask readers to send in stories of their experiences as women gamers, interview successful female entrepreneurs, etc.

Who knows, maybe trying that out for a month will help you notice that perhaps you don’t really feature enough female gamers or game developers on your site. Maybe it will result in a change. You won’t know until you try!

I challenge EACH OF YOU to post AT LEAST one blog or host one podcast dedicated to females in the gaming industry this month. You just might learn something!

Hugs and kisses,

A Strong and Feisty Female Rebel

Me with one of my industry sheroes. 😉

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