The #IWishMYLifeWasanRPG Contest is LIVE on Twitter right now!

Hey, party people!

Follow @Ashi_Chan on Twitter and tweet why you wish your life was an RPG for the chance to win free tickets to “I Wish My Life Was An RPG and Other BlackNerd Laments” at Meltdown Comics on Friday, March 9th!

Make sure you’re following @Ashi_Chan and to tweet using the hashtag #IWishMYLifeWasanRPG.

I can tell you a million reasons why I wish my life was an RPG. Here are three:

  • It would be very simple to grind to make money.
  • I could walk around with a five-foot tall broadsword on my back.
  • Romance would be so simple!

Now it’s your turn! Enter on Twitter. If you can’t make it to LA, feel free to enter just for fun!

Hugs and kisses,

The Rebel

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