Gender War

Go watch this video from The Escapist magazine. If you’re feeling super cool, you should also check out the links mentioned at the bottom of the video as well.

Now. Let’s talk.

Feminist backlash

If you’re, like me, a feminist, you may have noticed the vicious hatred by many male gamers against even the slightest hint of feminism as it pertains to gaming. I never really understood it until I watched this video and it all clicked: they think we’re trying to take away their games, or ruin video games.

Not true: we just want to be able to play games that don’t have horribly sucky portrayals of our sex.

I think that video did a good job of explaining to male players that no, we aren’t evil candy-thieves, we are just like you: we have certain video game needs but, unlike you, they are often unfulfilled. For example, being able to relate to the character we are playing.

The unknowing sexist gamer

Something a lot of guy gamers don’t notice is that they are unwittingly sexist. It’s not that they are trying to be unfair, they just don’t even notice they are doing it. When I point it out (I often leave it alone because it gets tiring to always fight an uphill battle), instead of encouraging a debate or a real discussion, most male gamers immediately slap me into the “evil feminist bitch” pile and start yelling.

For example, one time I was discussing the Feminist Whore slur used in the coding of a character on Dead Island. One of my followers began ranting about how I probably “think it’s ok for women to call each other bitches but not men, just like black people can call each other niggers but white people can’t.”

First of all, I was astounded. I actually sat in shock for a moment. I mean, it was like he didn’t read anything I said and simply jumped into assumptions.

Assume makes an a** out of u and me

Assumptions are really the root of most misunderstandings between people. Which brings me back to this video. You may assume you know why feminists (and, yes, even women who don’t consider themselves feminists) get so uptight about the portrayal of women in video games, but this video challenges that assumption. So go watch it. It’s only five minutes long and doesn’t explore the whole problem, but it may get you interested in learning more (which is my hope).

If any of you have questions or want to debate about this, I only ask that you really come into the debate with the same mindset as I will: I might not be right.

Coming into a debate without the possibility of budging in your thoughts is no way to learn from each other, only a good way to exercise our typing muscles. 😛

Hugs and kisses.

3 thoughts on “Gender War

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  2. Interesting article and video. As a male gamer, I recognize how video games most of the times tend to save the bother of making deep characters out of women. I think it’s also a real shame because, when you think about it, this is clearly oriented towards a majority teenager male audience with a not entirely informed idea of what a woman is… In any case, I guess this trend will slowly change as years go by and the amount of players involved in the media is not so predominantly masculine… but that will take some time still.

    • You’re right… I didn’t even think about that part. That might explain some of the attitudes of some young male gamers towards women actually. But yes I do have hopes that this will change one day.

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