Interview with Amelia Liddell on Online Gaming

I had the opportunity to interview Amelia Liddell, a gamer friend of mine, on the topic of online gaming as a female. Look to see a few more interviews on the same topic, as many women had completely different experiences and views. For Amelia, the experience was a positive one.

What games do you play? What console do you play on?

I have an Xbox 360 and I just play everything! My favorites are action/adventure types like Assassin’s Creed, but I love FPSs like Call of Duty and RPGs like Mass Effect and Dragon Age. And even the odd JRPG!

Do you play online games?

I do indeed, mostly Call of Duty: Black Ops at the moment, but I’ve dabbled in Halo. I’ve stopped dabbling now, because I’m awfully bad and my brother laughs at me.

Do people know you are a woman when you play online?

Only if I speak (and even then, they sometimes don’t realize!) I don’t have my own Xbox live account, so I play on my brother’s account, and he has a very ambiguous gamertag. If I stay quiet, no-one knows, but it’s fun to chat to people sometimes. 🙂

How do men treat you when you play online?

I’ve never been treated with anything but polite courtesy; they’re always very nice, but you can tell they’re definitely trying to engage you in conversation. But I quite like that, I like those ‘five-minute friends’ who you get on really well with for a brief moment and then you don’t speak to them again!

Someone called me a ‘British f*g’ once, but that’s because he thought I was a guy (I had a cold and my voice was utterly decimated) and anyway, I don’t want any sugar-coating just because I’m a girl, I don’t want people to hold back! But generally, the guys just act pleasantly surprised and are very courteous.

One guy did get a little over-exuberant and followed me around the entire match, shouting my name. He was only doing it as a joke though, and at least I had someone to revive me every time!

Why did you start playing video games?

They were just a lot of fun back in the day!

I started on Spyro on the PS1, and I just had great fun collecting crystals and flying around. They’ve always just been incredibly entertaining. As they became more advanced, they also become more visually stunning and more exciting, with much better stories too. I love all of that!

I love challenges and I love good stories, so video games are my perfect medium!

This is not Amelia Liddell. This is just a funny picture.

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