Quick Update on Mark of the Assassin

Hey there, sportsfans!

Just watched a little in-depth review of the Mark of the Assassin DLC for Dragon Age II with Mike Laidlaw and wanted to share a few interesting tidbits we’ve learned. If you haven’t seen my first post about it, check it out for the rest of the story and for the trailer.

  • Varric is again telling the story, so you can have this adventure anytime after you reach Kirkwall.
  • All of your companions and even your siblings can come, even if they would have left by this time.
  • Laidlaw suggests you bring a tank with you, and hints that Aveline, with her Orlesian background, would be a good choice.
  • You get to go on a hunt for a wyvern, which is a species that is “cousin” to dragons. It looks pretty darn cool. The size of the beast you bring back will affect the result of your hunt.
  • Tallis has both range and melee combat: she can throw her daggers.
  • You can complete this mission in stealth mode or combat mode.


I’m happy that they made stealthiness an option, because I hate stealth. As far as combat, there is a new baddie that looks like a court jester that I believe is called a harlequin. He/She looks pretty cool, and I can’t wait for that battle.
Also, Laidlaw promises we will get to learn more about Orlesians, such as the fact that masks are very important to them (really cool detail that I forgot about) and how their army works. Can’t wait for October 11th!

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