Rikku and Jem from Otakon 2011

Hello, gentle readers!

Since I did not get to come in costume to Otakon, I decided to interview two cosplayers about why and where they cosplay.

I ran across a Rikku and Jem standing together, and I simply had to speak to them! I found out that Rikku is Stevie in real life and Jem is Haley. 😉

Rikku, aka Stevie.

Jem, aka Haley.

Why do you cosplay?

Stevie: I like to bring the character to life as best I can. I like to pay attention to every single detail, and I like it when people appreciate that level of detail. I also enjoy making people smile and say “Oh, I love that show,” and then you can connect with them.

Haley: I like all those same things, such as bringing the character to life, and I find it fun. I like to meet new people and having people with the same interests to talk to.

Have you been to Otakon before?

Stevie: Yes, this is my second Otakon. I really like the energy at this one! I haven’t gotten creeped on so far.

Haley: This is my first Otakon. It’s really big! I didn’t know it would be this huge. It was exciting to meet some of the folk I knew online. It’s nice to go in groups and meet other people.

What other cons have you been to?

Stevie: Tekkoshocon in Pitts, Setsucon, Colossalcon.

Haley: I’ve been to Tekkoshocon three times.

Who else have you cosplayed as?

Haley: Sailor Moon, Naruto, and Izaya from Durarara.

Thanks for the interview, ladies! Any errors on my part I will have to beg forgiveness for, since we interviewed in such a loud spot!

Question for the readers:

Have you ever been to a convention where you cosplayed? If so, have you ever been “creeped” on? How do you feel about it? Do you think it is a problem for women or for both sexes at these kinds of events?

Sound off!

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