Please vote for ethnic FemShep!

Now we’ve come a long way when a video game company can even think of releasing an ethnic, female main character. Maybe they only put it up as a token (she is the only one with darker skin) or maybe they did it because they knew it wouldn’t win.

Or maybe, just maybe, it was put out there because they honestly hope that in this day and age (with a black president, anyone?), this character has a chance of seeing the light.

PLEASE vote for this FemShep. Let’s take this all the way. Let’s show video game companies that heroines like this are viable!

Or vote for another one if that’s what you really want. I personally don’t want the blonde to win because:

  1. How stereotypical.
  2. She looks like she belongs in a teeny bopper movie or a high school somewhere, not saving the universe.
  3. If she wins, I will pick her and call her Zenon.
  4. Are you really going to play as her? Or are you picking her because she is a hot blonde?
Please help me with this little crusade. I’m tired of my nieces only believing they can be beautiful if they have soft blond hair. I’m tired of actresses being told they can only ever work in ethnic productions because they do not conform to “white people beauty standards.”
Am I taking a little video game vote too far? Am I taking this too seriously? Maybe. Or maybe it’s just that exciting to someone like me (I’m mixed, in case you’re wondering) to see that I’m being given the opportunity to have a woman of a different race as the preset of a main character in a video game.

Please vote for her! ❤

Tell us what you think!

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