Dragon Age Man Calendar

I was wandering around Twitter when I came upon a tweet proclaiming something about a Dragon Age calendar. I followed the link and, to my surprise (and extreme joy), I found this:

A Calendar. Of DA hotties. *Faints*

This very talented artist named Jakface, aka Molly Nemecek, created and sold Dragon Age Man-Pin-Up-Calendars featuring the male characters from Dragon Age in a sizzlingly hot fashion (if you’re…you know…into that kinda thing >_> I mean…not like I have a crush on the Arishok or anything…).

The deal was that for $10 you could get a digital copy of the calendar, $20 would get you the digital copy AND a printed version, and $30 would give you the digital copy, printed calendar, and a sketch OF YOUR CHOICE on the inside cover of the calendar.

Jakface obviously had no idea how obsessed we fangirls are, because her goal was to sell enough to make $1,000. Instead, she reached $12,866.

Sadly, none of that money was mine, since I missed the sale by a few days. I almost cried (I was this close) but ended up contacting her and finding out that she has ordered a few extras and I still have a chance! Also, men and lesbians: don’t despair! Her next project is a female version!

After prying around her site some more, I realized this lady is hilarious and I highly recommend checking her out if you like fan art or Dragon Age in general! She also has an art site that is basically a portfolio and a Tumblr I suggest following. Oh yeah, and don’t forget her Deviant Art page.

Are you an artist?

I love good fanart and always wanted to add a page just for featured fan art to this blog. If you ever want me to share your art with the world, lemme know!  Also weigh in on whether or not you would like to see a fanart page on my blog!

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