Dragon Age II DLC Leaked Before Comic Con?

BioWare is going to bring ME3 and a new DAII DLC with them to the San Diego Comic Con this year.

Sigh. (Damn full time job!)

Comic Con

Anyhoo, fans will get to play ME3 and the DAII DLC as well as compete in the first ever BioWare Costume Contest. Star Wars: The Old Republic will also be there. Here is an excerpt from the post:

“Comic Con begins Thursday, July 21 and runs through Sunday, July 24, and we will have all sorts of awesome BioWare coolness at our base in the Hilton Gaslamp hotel (401 K Street)…we will be hosting the first annual BioWare Costume Contest on Friday, July 22 for the best BioWare inspired costumes. We’ll be giving away awesome convention swag, opportunities to meet members of the BioWare staff, and we’ll have a special designated area for cos-play character photo opportunities and much more.”

You don’t even need a Comic Con badge to go. 😥


The DLC’s achievements have supposedly been leaked, but it is a little spoilerific, so I’ll let you all head over to the link if you’re curious. Basically, it appears that the DAII DLC, Legacy, will be all about Hawke and his/her family going to a location outside of Kirkwall. The site I linked lists the specific achievements that have led people to think this.

I’m also wondering if those pictures BioWare teased us all with are from this DLC?

Ah well, I guess we have to wait three weeks to find out!

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