Let Me Hear The Ladies Say YEEEAH! FemShep FINALLY Gets Some Attention!

And they act like nagging doesn’t work! Due to the bombardment of requests from fans, FemShep will finally get some marketing attention.

Gamepro reports that the Director of Marketing, David Silverman, tweeted that “there will be a #FemShep trailer. We actually had a meeting on her yesterday. We are working on the look now.”

About damn time!

But wait! It gets even better!

FemShep will also appear on the Collector’s (is this a pun?) Edition box of the game.

I posted before about the amazing Jennifer Hale, and I honestly think GamePro is onto something by suggesting her voice acting may have something to do with FemShep’s popularity. Her voice really made me feel like I was a “commander,” and I just really related to the strength, dry, sarcastic humor, and competence in her inflections.

Another factor in the popularity could have to do with reasons boy and girl gamers play as certain characters. I think on the girl gamers side, it is probably the joy of getting to play as a girl, and on the boy gamers side it may have something to do with looking at a hottie while playing a video game (I’m just saying what I’ve been told, lol).

And to think, I JUST whined about this five minutes ago on twitter! See! You get what you complain for!

Check out the FemShep fan website to join in the FemShepMania!

I wish I could get a picture of my FemShep. She is so gorgeous! I ❤ her.

2 thoughts on “Let Me Hear The Ladies Say YEEEAH! FemShep FINALLY Gets Some Attention!

  1. While I’ve yet to play as Female Shepard in ME2, I’m intrigued by BioWare’s sudden openness to promoting both gendered versions of Shepard, as opposed to the standard Male Shepard. It’ll be interesting to see how they far they’re willing to take this, including the box art and images on the game’s website.

    I haven’t been particularly compelled to play as a female protagonist in any game since Suikoden III, largely because there’s been very few strong creations in big-name properties. I know I’d certainly be more open to the idea if I was given an intriguing alternative to playing a hyper-masculine digital avatar of myself. However, because many developers and publishers are still in the mindset that the majority of the gaming audience is male, they’ve seen no reason to cater to those who don’t fit their stereotyped mold.

    • They probably saw how well Lady Hawke from Dragon Age 2 was received. Also, in plenty of their podcasts event the creators, writers and developers admitted to mostly playing as the female versions in Dragon Age and it was so funny at one point one guy on the podcast was like “I mean few people probably play as female” and like 2 other people on the podcast jumped on his ass like “uhh no. Wrong.”

      I usually dont like games that dont give me a choice.

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