Catwoman Screenshots from Arkham City

Catwoman screen shots at Thatgirlssite! Also, the trailer from ThumbCulture!

Seems I’m not the only gamer girl who looooves Catwoman! Unlike her though, my love for Catwoman is so great that I even enjoyed that horrible Halle Barry movie. 0_0

For more info about the game, please check out my previous post.

Arkham City will be out on October 18th.

5 thoughts on “Catwoman Screenshots from Arkham City

  1. also does the trailer show actual scenes of her gameplay? I have afghan interwebz so you know…can’t do normal things like be happy or watch some videos.

    • Poor Paul! The trailer appears to show actual scenes and she is kind of a leg fighter. One of those girls that do everything with their legs in acrobatic ways… in fighter…games. Anyhoo. Yeah. She looks pretty awesome.

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