More Skyrim Info

I ❤ Dragons!

Just read a great article about Skyrim on 1Up. The article broke down seven basic things to know about Skyrim.

  1. On a new engine
  2. No classes
  3. Skills are more important
  4. More spell combos
  5. Radiant Story system
  6. Dragons galore
  7. Sleeping in the beds of the dead (you like what I did there?)

Basically it looks like Skyrim will have a new engine which will make things smoother, a new way of organizing classes and skills so that you can customize a little more, and a story that has a little more reaction to it. Oh, and lots of dragons.

I never really gave Oblivion much of a chance because I started off in a cave and it bored me. I really need a game to get me interested in the first half hour, and that game just didn’t do it for me.

That being said, Skyrim looks pretty darn good! I may bully my friend into getting it and letting me borrow it to see if I’ll like it, lol.

Skyrim should be out by Christmas though, so maaaaybe I can just ask Santa for it. 😉

2 thoughts on “More Skyrim Info

  1. “I never really gave Oblivion much of a chance because I started off in a cave and it bored me.”


    Just like not reading a book because the cover looked dull.

    But then again, Oblivion had many flaws and I only give it 3/5 because I’m a huge TES fan. Too generic – but I have high hopes for Skyrim.

    • I completely disagree with you.
      #1: Covers have a HUGE impact on whether or not readers pick up a book but that is a convo for another time
      #2: No, looking at the cover of the game and deciding not to play would have been like this.

      I started in a jail, walked through caves, and thought: this is boring. I am not enjoying the visuals, I am not enjoying the battles, and the nothing is happening. Then, I spoke with the King and as soon as he finished, something struck me from behind and I was dead. Actually it was as his last word came out LOL.

      Of course, I didn’t save (can’t remember if it was because I hadn’t figured out how to save or if there were only certain save points). So I started that same boring journey and died again in an almost identical situation.

      If a game cannot grab my attention, immerse me into a world, give me a reason for being there, then why should I play? Should I have to wait 30 minutes to an hour before a game “gets good?” I hated that with Dragon Age 2 which was a sequel to my favorite game ever.

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