Mass Effect 3 Details

What we know:

  • Supposed to be the final game in the series.
  • Shepard is again the main protagonist.
  • People who didn’t play the first two games will again have the option of doing the prequel comic to make the key decisions (wish they would have done this with Dragon Age II instead of having presets).
  • New system will be similar to ME2 but with more choices.
  • Each skill line will have multiple upgrades, so more specialization is possible.
  • Confirmed squad-mates: Garrus, Liara, either Ashley or Kaiden (depending on who lived), and Jason Sanders (who’s this guy? lol).
  • Wrex, Anderson, Legion, and Mordin will return, but are not confirmed as recruitable.


  • Reapers will be in your face from the start.
  • Mostly fighting against the husks they can create from every species (not just humans).
  • Decision of the Rachni Queen will have an impact on the story line (YAY!).


So it appears that ME3 is due out for Christmas time, so I’m just going to start saving now. 🙂 As long as my love Garrus has returned, I see no reason not to get the final chapter in my heroine’s story!

10 thoughts on “Mass Effect 3 Details

  1. The game was delayed just a few days ago, its now said to be released some time in the first 3 months of 2012 :(. Just thought I’d pop it out in case you didn’t know 😉 I wrote a small post on it too. Love your blog btw! cheers

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  3. The game was brilliant, however I had severe issues with the AI of your team-mates.. especially when you got to play on higher difficulty levels. Often times, it would take pure repetition through battles for your team-mates pathfinding to make a good descion and not get you killed. Sometimes it worked, but when you are getting overwhelmed by husks.. then the AI tends to show its weakness on higher difficulty levels. I’d also like there to be more indepth missions on different planets as you scan them. It really added to the universal feel for the game and I hope they can flesh that out. Also, make an interesting female character for my hero to fall in love with please!! Jack reminds me of half the girls I dealt with in HS…. =)

    • Oh I definitely agree with you on the AI aspect… I felt like I had no control over their actions and usually just hoped for the best lol. I would have loved some Dragon Age-like tactics!

      And you didn’t like Tali? I thought she was adorable! Jack and Miranda were both pretty stereotypical (bad girl who’s really just been hurt too many times and snooty biyatch who just eventually falls in love with the hero).

      We girls made out like bandits with our choices 😉

  4. Ahh, I need to play the Mass Effect series now, but currently I’m playing Hyperdimension. I tried the demo of ME2 on PSN and I loved it. Just hoping I can probably pick it up soon.

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