Women’s History Month: Bonnie Burton

Bonnie Burton, known by her Gamertag Xena, was the fourteen-year old who pwned the world. She started playing Halo so that her brothers could use her as target practice, but then the tables were turned and she was considered the top female gamer in the Halo gaming sphere.


Last I checked, she tutored people in Halo. The girl is a genius for making money off these newbs. And in 2010, she was the E3 Booth Babe Winner.


  • Xena was contacted by MTV to be on its True Life series.
  • She liked to play soccer and used to be a cheerleeder. “Now, I am interested in doing some modeling or getting into dancing. I never thought that a cheerleader could be a hardcore video gamer…I am pretty odd.”
  • She didn’t like Halo 2 as much as Halo: CE.
  • Bonnie has teamed up with the PMS clan.
Bonnie Burton

Is this the face of your Halo death?

Talk about girl power! I think the moral of this story is: beware who you pick to be your target practice…the pupil may surpass the master.

4 thoughts on “Women’s History Month: Bonnie Burton

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  3. I followed the founding of MLG and watched a lot of the Halo:CE and H2 pro gaming footage. I remember when Xena first appeared on the scene. Lil Poison was another interesting minority talent.

    Heart-breaking that she mentioned her boobs in her interview. Who told her they were small – goes back to the story of creation, who told Adam and Eve that they were naked? What is wrong with small anyway? One of the best things about the 3D modeling in Halo:CE was Cortana’s slim figure, and modest bust. It was downright rebellious for Bungie to portray the female AI that way.

    Good luck to her.

    • Yeah well I couldnt really complain because she was trying to be a “booth babe” which isnt even something a self respecting female would want to be as far as I can tell… but hey not everyone has my high standards.

      I have small breasts and I LOVE them. They are beautiful just the way they are 😉

      And yes I also love when a game goes for different body sizes rather than the standard “skinny with double Ds” that most games do. DA2 was pretty good about giving the party members differently shaped bodies so I did like that.

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