Women’s History Month: Roberta Williams

Now, I will start by saying that this woman is not your ideal feminist role model. Reading her interview and seeing her pose on the cover of Softporn Adventure was enough to show me that. However, her contributions are worthy nonetheless, and who am I to say what really makes the ideal role model anyway? So, without further adieu:

The first video game ever to use pictures was a game developed by a woman! Roberta Williams co-created Graphical Adventure Games, then co-founded Sierra.

She and her husband decided to create the first graphical adventure game: Mystery House in 1980. Eventually, they formed Sierra, a leading computer game company at the time.


  • Concept/design
  • Writing


Retired in 1998. Possibly working on a historical novel.

Worked On:


  • Her favorite game she worked on is Phantasmagoria. “If I could only pick one game, I would pick Phantasmagoria, as I enjoyed working on it immensely and it was so very challenging (and I love to be challenged!). However, in my heart, I will always love the King’s Quest series and, especially, King’s Quest I, since it was the game that really ‘made’ Sierra On-Line.”
  • She is known as a pioneer in graphical adventure games.
  • She is on the cover of some soft porn computer game
  • The end sequence of Leisure Suit Larry 3 features her as an in-game character.

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