Oh, Dragon Age II…

So just to continue my impressions on Dragon Age II now that I have gotten a chance to continue (couldn’t play over Spring Break): gosh, I am unhappy with it.

It is a fine game. If I had picked it up without having ever played Dragon Age: Origins, I would be fine with it. But it is just such a let down as a sequel.

Good things

  • All the character cameos. They are unexpected and creative. Freakin Bonny Lem? Are you serious?
  • Women walk like women and have different-sized breasts (instead of the standard D cup we see in video games).
  • My character is a hottie. It was hard to do that in DA:O without the character being a white woman.
  • Sandal!
  • The qunari redesign is nice.
  • Flemeth is awesome. I love her redesign and I love the scene when I complete her task with the Dalish. She rocks. I want a game just about her, lol.

Rant broken down into bullet form:

  • I don’t like any of these characters in my squad. So far I have Bethany, Varric, Aveline, Merrill, and Anders. And they bore the snot out of me. The most interesting character is my stupid uncle. I don’t feel that sense of teamwork that I felt with my old group. Listening to Morrigan and Alistair bicker, random sweet statements about God and life from Leliana, no hilarious, spit-out-your-tea comments from Shale: nothing. I understand that these are different characters, but they are boring characters. Anders isn’t even funny anymore!
  • Combat still annoys me. Why did it not take this long to gain useful skills in the first one? I also don’t like that I can only see one combat tree in detail at a time. This made it harder for me to compare which would be the best choice.
  • Seriously? Y’all had a problem picking armor for your teammates? ‘Cuz that was ONE OF MY FAVORITE PARTS. Tactics and strategy is what makes an RPG for me!
  • Man, these bad guys look funny.
  • I really have to agree with what it said on wikipedia: “Dragon Age II caters to an audience that didn’t connect with Origins, while alienating those who did.” Why did they make more action and less strategy? For the people who didn’t like DA:O?! Why not just cater to the audience you already have and trust us to recommend it and shove it on our friends? When they release DLC and an expansion for this game, I guarantee old DA:O fans are gonna be the last to buy it, because Bioware already screwed us over with crappy DLC for DA:O, and now a semi-crappy sequel. It just doesn’t make sense to me
  • I feel like a delivery girl. Go return this. Go fetch that. Go talk to him. Now go talk to her. Now go talk to her at night. I mean, what the hell? Why would anyone find this fun? It’s like planet mining in ME2: mind-numbing, yet slightly addictive. I just can’t seem to ignore quests! (unlike my boyfriend, lol)
  • Why didn’t the Dalish know about my Dalish warrior becoming the Hero of Ferelden? I’m pretty sure I frikkin’ SPOKE with the keeper after accepting my reward from King Alistair…what’s going on there?

This rant could go on and on. Suffice to say that I am disappointed, and I hope that Bioware listens to the many other bloggers and reviewers who felt the same way, because I don’t really think that they are making more money this way, at least for future titles in the DA universe.

Anyhoo, rant as I may, I am still playing the game, ‘cuz I payed a ton for it. So perhaps I shall have another update if things get better…maybe.

10 thoughts on “Oh, Dragon Age II…

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  4. Your comment “women walk like women” reminds me of my most anticipated game of the year, Brink. There are no female characters in this incredibly customizable game. The developer, however, provided an excellent reason for not providing female characters. To paraphrase them, we wanted to do it right, which would mean completely different models and animations (which includes extensive parkour moves). We didn’t have the resources to do that, and we didn’t want to just add boobs and long hair to the male models.

    I am hoping that the game sells well enough to merit a sequel. If it does, I’ve no doubt that Splash Damage will give us the most requested feature, awesome female characters.

    It takes a little time to load up, but here is an intro to the male character customization available.


    Now, think if they gave us the female equivalent. And the idea of how they would handle the parkour abilities and animations makes my head spin.

  5. Ah, come on, it’s his sarcasm that counts afterall! ;]
    But quite odd that Bioware felt it’s a grand plan to transplant his beard onto his chest.
    Maybe that’s why his voice sounds so alien. =P

  6. Still uncertain what ruined it, console gamers, Mac users, the EA tag…
    no idea.

    But on a more serious note, the age of RPGs changed for a new generation it seems. Although the decision to have different breast sizes still puzzles me then…
    Anyway, sadly DA:O was more successfull on consoles, as it was more action oriented on these useless pieces of junk, that along with a development cycle of two years, because of these EA bastards, pretty much sealed the deal. Let’s just hope DA3 won’t be compatible with the Ipad G3, that would be too much doom to handle. I still can’t believe that Bioware fell victim to EA…
    They release some half-baked crap over the next few years and get shut down, meh.

    And don’t discriminate Varric! He was awesome, but I can’t think of anyone else… dull game.

    I totally didn’t post that because of your gravatar btw…
    It’s NOT fair!

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