Dragon Age: Legends Beta Test Review

So I signed up for the Dragon Age: Legends beta a little while back. DA: Legends is a game for Facebook, in the spirit of Dragon Age: Journeys. Unlike Journeys, DA: Legends will let you interact with your friends, having them join your party, etc.

First Impressions

Love! They kept a lot of the look from DA: Journeys, which I love. I really enjoyed that little flash game, so I’m happy that they didn’t toss everything out the window. I also like the increased customization options and the neat way they are laid out on the screen.


I haven’t gotten any significant part of my story except that I helped some people out back in the day against an Abomination. They say I came from the shadows. It seems to hint that it is a mystery as to why I was there. The short video I watched a month ago showed a child, so I assume my character was that child. Video after the jump.


The graphics are cute and fun in a way, yet also remain very true to the Dragon Age style. Don’t ask me how they do that.

See? Cute. 🙂


Combat is also very similar to DA: Journeys. You stand with your party in a certain spot, and according to rules of range and strength, you can perform different attacks on the enemy party.

You also get to recruit other players to help you. I was unsure just from playing if these would actually end up being people I knew (once the beta was over) or if they were supposed to be random people.

In the beginning they have a tutorial. So for the first few fights I had to follow the rules and perform specific tasks to move on to the next one.

The squares are gone, but it is basically the same set up as DA: Journeys.


And then…at the fourth tutorial…disaster struck! I couldn’t click on ANYTHING. I eventually gave up and quit, deciding to find out how to report it later (which I did, there are links at the bottom of the page to report a bug, etc.).

The game is currently down for maintenance, which is not surprising because I saw someone else blog that the exact same glitch happened to them!

Stupid glitch. Sniffle.

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