Top 5 Most-Dateable Video Game Characters

I was inspired to make this post by someone else’s post. I completely disagreed with her choices, so I decided to make my own list. Before I start, I would just like to mention my biggest issue with male video game characters: they are almost all white guys. Though you wouldn’t know it from my current boyfriend, that’s just not normally my taste. So this is not just a fangirl, “Oh gosh, he’s so hawt”. Personality matters in my list! So Akuma is number one. Just kidding (but not really >_>).

Let’s go!

Honorable mentions: Lavitz from Legend of Dragoon, Jak from Jak and Daxter, and Jacob Taylor and Garrus from Mass Effect 2 (don’t judge me, it was hard to just pick five!)

5. Jin Kazama from Tekken

Tall, dark and gorgeous. Mysterious young man with a troubled past. You know he comes from good stock (both his parents are kicka** fighters). Daddy, Granddaddy, and Great Granddaddy issues abound, and he lost his mother at the age of fifteen. He is a bad boy in need of a hug. And that is for girls as a bright light is for bugs: ZAP! (but the love kind of zap, not the death kind). Oh yeah, and did I mention the muscles? Sigh.

4. Wander from Shadow of the Colossus

This man goes around the Forbidden Kingdom killing gigantic, huge, COLOSSAL monsters to bring his dead girlfriend back to life. Talk about devotion! Even married couples agree the relationship is only “’til death do us part.” He also continues to kill monsters even when stuff goes bad (don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t played). He is brave, has long sexy hair, and can defeat monsters as tall as buildings. Plus, his horse loves him, and animals are good judges of character!

3. Alistair/Zevran from Dragon Age

I put these boys together because I don’t think it’s fair for me to fill up the list with Dragon Age characters. So:

Zevran: He’s been through a lot, but he hasn’t let it ruin or control his life. In fact, he seems to have more of an appreciation for life’s small pleasures because of it (like leather boots). Zevran is charming, confident, funny, and beautiful. He is also an assassin, so you know he’s in nice shape. He can also be loyal. He turns on his own people for your warden if he loves you. How romantic. Oh, plus he calls himself “Pirate Zevran” when he’s talking dirty. Fun!

Alistair: Wimpy, follower Alistair. Why does he make a good date? Because he is sensitive, caring, earnest, and sweet. He is also a virgin so you can train him (oh no she did-n’t!). Oh, and he gives you flowers, and if you’re human, he will make you Queen of Ferelden if he’s king. Dream come true!

2. Liu Kang

To be perfectly honest, this may be entirely influenced by his portrayal by Robin Shou, lol. But he also has a lot of good characteristics. He can maintain a long distance relationship, he can do a bicycle kick (if you can;t see the benefit if that, then I’m not gonna tell you) and he is an all-around good guy…I mean, he didn’t even have a real fatality move at first!

1. Mario from all them Mario games

Come on. Seriously. This guy is the best boyfriend of all time. Not only does he expect no reward for that chick’s constant rescue, but he’s got a kicka** mustache. You know what they say about Italian stallions. No? Neither do I. But anyway, Mario is devoted, brave, strong (I mean, have you seen him stomp those Goombas?) and fun. My idea of a perfect beau.

Wait, you thought I meant 8 bit Mario? LOL

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Most-Dateable Video Game Characters

  1. Oddly enough, I’d be happy dating Garrus from Mass Effect. And Kaidan, for that matter. So torn. I dread having to chose between them in ME3. Reavers? Pfft. Kaidan puppy dog eyes? Shaking in my boots.

    • LOL I do agree, Garrus made my honorable mention mostly because I just wrote an ME2 review and didn’t want to seem like I was writing too much about ME2 (they way I already do with DA). I would date him no problem (wonder how we would kiss though lol). Kaidan made a bad impression on me in ME2 and since I haven’t played the first one yet, it’s looking like I’ll choose Liara lol

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