Dragon Age: Redemption

USA Today announced today that a new Web series based on Dragon Age will be released this year. The series is called Dragon Age: Redemption and will be written by and star Felicia Day, creator of the web comedy series The Guild.

The series will be six episodes long and was filmed by Peter Winther (Independence Day associate producer) as director and John Bartley (Lost) as cinematographer.The story will revolve around Tallis, an elven assassin, and will take place in Ferelden. Tallis is on a quest to capture a runaway mage, and along the way she will gather up her own group of followers.

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5 thoughts on “Dragon Age: Redemption

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  2. Ha ha!

    Sarah, I thought of you when I saw this go up at Ev Av. I was just going to give you a heads-up in one of your other Dragon Age threads, and here you are all over it already! Cheers!

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