Valentine’s Day (and weekend!)

So, gamer boys and girls, what are you getting your hun-bun for Valentine’s Day?

I assume all most men want is sex or…things related to that that probably should not be named on my PG-13 blog. 😉

HOWEVER: there may be something else you can give that man of yours! Why not make part of your weekend a V-day extravaganza…and by V-day, I mean Video game day! Spend the whole day (or however much your eyes can take) playing video games together. Whether playing together in co-op, online with other friends, or switching the controller back and forth on a single player: video games can be a great excuse to lay in bed or on the couch and snuggle for hours!

How did this genius idea spring into my head? Well I have a new boyfriend, and I made it clear that Valentine’s Day needed to be spectacular to make up for all the crappy ones of the past few years. He was kinda nervous about messing up (I could tell). Meanwhile, back at the sushi bar, I decided that I wanted to finally get to ME2 for the PS3, D.C. Universe Online, and any other game I’ve neglected.

I turned to my boo and told him I wanted to spend one day of the weekend just playing video games. His eyes grew large, and he stared at me in shock. He said, “Do you know how many girlfriends of mine have asked me if I want to play video games all day?” Before I could answer, he cut me off, practically crowing with joy: “NONE!” Then he hugged me and gave me smooches.

I. Am. Awesome. (in case you didn’t know).

So I thought I’d pass the tip on to you ladies. Whether you play videogames or not, this could be a nice way to get close and make both of you super happy and pumped about V-Day!

And one day, you too may get married…just don’t let her outta your sight!

Tell us what you think!

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