Little Big Planet 2 review


Folks who have played this game probably agree with me that I can actually stop the review right there.

But I won’t!

So far, LBP2 is proving wonderfully fast-paced, fun, and exciting. The introduction is just as funny as the introduction to LBP, with very little hint of the changes made to the game. The only real noticeable difference to me at first was the color scheme. LBP2 is very neon compared to the neutrals of its predecessor.

Moving on to the first level, once again, everything seems pretty normal, even a little boring. But I suppose they have to start with the basics for any newcomers to the game. Next thing you know, you are thrust into a fierce race with grappling hooks you can activate pretty much whenever you want. The result (if you are racing someone) is pure madness. Careening off walls, using centrifugal force to fling yourself onto a ledge, snatching at glowing blue spheres= best first level ever!

I think a lot of the fun simply comes from how fast you have to learn to use the new tools (once again, if you are playing with another person). I am very competitive. My goal is to win every level. The challenge is simply irresistible to me. I already know I am going to have to go back and play all of these levels by myself if I am going to gather all of the goodies (stickers and such).

And I think that will be a nice challenge. Some of the tools seem very wild. The string your grappling hook dangles from is not a precise instrument. Having to use it to gather spheres can be challenging, which I think is a good thing.

The most common complaint I heard about LBP was that it was only fun with other people, and not to play by yourself. I think that this sequel, with its higher challenge (but not too hard – no worries) may gain some more single player love.

Just received my other three games in the mail, so more reviews are soon to come! Bye for now!

Away I go!

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