Game of the Year: My Prediction

A while ago, a reader of mine asked to see my prediction for GOTY for 2011. In researching a little bit, I have realized that I may just be too biased to answer this question.

Dragon Age is a game that I considered amazing, and a Dragon Age II with improved combat and more original graphics than the original sounds like the perfect game.

On the other hand, Little Big Planet won so many awards and was soooo much fun to play that when I first saw the trailer for LBP2 I flipped a…(Pumbaa not in front of the kids. Sorry!) pancake.

Not to mention Mass Effect 3 will come out this year, and Mass Effect 2 won more accolades from gamer mags like Game Informer than you could shake a blaster at.

I just don’t know, all right? All these sequels (let’s not forget Uncharted 3 either) to great games really makes it a toss-up. For all we know, the newer games could be WORSE than the old ones. The only one out of my top three that is out so far is LBP2 – which is great (according to all the reviews I can find) since SOMEONE still hasn’t mailed me my copy! >:|

Yes, gentle readers, I am simply going to have to wait to make this prediction until this summer, when I have gotten my hands on more of these sequels, prequels and…threequels?

Or I could just pick this. Adorablez 4 da win.

4 thoughts on “Game of the Year: My Prediction

  1. Before the year started, the 3 games I was most looking forward to in 2011 were 1) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (definitely calling in sick the day this comes out…then apologizing in advance to my PS3 for the future neglect). 2) Portal 2 and 3) Uncharted 3.

    Now that I’ve been playing Mass Effect 2 and loving it, I’ll add Mass Effect 3 to the list. Early reports are saying that it will be released in November…the same time as Uncharted. Damn these decisions!

  2. I think I’m probably most looking forward to Mass Effect 3 most, though once I get into Dragon Age, my opinions might change. While I love space operas, fantasy games are usually where my heart lies.

    I know you love Dragon Age for the characters/story, but what is game play like? Is it similar to Mass Effect (same game developer – Bioware, right?) or totally different?

    Also (lastly):
    What about LBP made you love it so much? I played a little with a group and while it was really fun, it looked like a platform/course kind of game. Is there an aspect of it that I didn’t see, like in single-player mode?

    • I think Mass Effect 3 will probably be the gaming darling. I feel the same way about space vs fantasy. I love them both, but I love fantasy more 🙂

      The first game was not very similar to Mass Effect other than having things like inventory and other rpg elements. Dragon Age II will have a speech wheel more like Mass Effect 2, so a lot of people are calling that change “The Mass Effecting of Dragon Age”.

      The game play is fairly simple. You wander around talking to people, gathering things and getting into fights. The combat (which will be improved) was slow for people who like real-time fights, but worked fine for a player like me that used tactics heavily. All of this is set in a story where you will eventually visit certain places, but not necessarily in the same order as other players. For example you can choose to go to the Dwarven Kingdom first, or decide it’s too hard and go visit the Elves.

      LBP had story mode, which was basically like playing a really fun platformer. It was like Mario on acid lol. Plus you could decorate your pod and sackgirl. I like challenges to the fun for me was trying to unlock all the achievements (beating the level without dying, getting all the stickers, etc).

      Does that answer your questions?

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