Top 5 Things You Should Never Say to a Gamer Girl

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5. Oh what do you play, Sims?

While The Sims is a great game franchise (I mean, come on, it’s like Barbies on meth=awesome), assuming that just because the gamer is a girl she will be playing “girly” games is pretty douchey.

For starters, lots of guys play the Sims games. For finishers, plenty of girls love fighters and first person shooters.

You may notice, those links lead to people asking questions. This is a problem I will address in a future post, but people’s perceptions of which gender a game is for can influence whether the opposite gender will even play the game! That sounds like an attitude needing some adjustment! I play both “traditionally” girly games and manly fighter games. Every girl is different, just like every guy is!

I do fit into that stereotype of hating racing games though…I dont know what you boys see in circling around and around a track. 🙂

4. But you’re kinda cute/pretty/hot/etc!

Do I even need to explain this one? Drop the stereotype that girl gamers are fat, ugly, butchy, etc. We come in all shapes, colors, sizes, ages, etc. Stop assuming that a girl gamer must be an outcast from society! Why do you play? Is it because it’s fun? Well, that’s why we play too.

Now go, before I unleash “Raging Feminist” on you.

3. I didn’t think girls liked video games.

They do. Now read that excellent article I linked for you.  

2. Who got you into video games?

First of all, I am not saying that all women got themselves into video games. However, to those of us who have been playing video games since they first saw an advertisement for games on t.v. or since their parents bought them a console, this question is really offensive.

Who got you into video games? Do you even remember? As a general rule, women gamers who were not “born gamers” will let you know within the first five minutes of game convo who got them into gaming. “Oh, my husband got me into gaming and I’ve been playing ever since!” “My children got me into gaming and it was just so fun!” etc. Girls who were introduced to this new world are pretty happy to share it with you, like being in a special club.

So spare the rest of us, ‘kay?

1. You’re pretty good, for a girl.

C’mon. Really? How would you feel if someone said “You’re pretty good, for a person with blue eyes,” or “You’re pretty good, for a fat kid.” It’s just insulting. Give credit where it’s due!

You should have known when I walked in the arcade and put my quarter down that it was gonna be on like Donkey Kong!


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