The NBF Woman Geek Directory

Many times I have attempted to find other gamer sites run by women. I found the process pretty difficult, so I decided to start collecting a directory of female gamer sites. Well. That kind of expanded to a list of all things nerdy but flirty, aka, woman nerd central! I’ve broken it down into nerd/geek fashion and cosplay sites, videos (usually girl gamers), female gaming clans, sites that sell nerd gear for women, nerdy actresses, and geeky blogs. Presented in no particular order, here are the best women geek and gaming sites! Know a site I’m missing? Leave a description and link in the comments! Want to follow all of them on Twitter? Subscribe to our NBF Directory Twitter list! – Sarah the Rebel


Sexy Videogameland

Not FN Cute

Allahweh’s Domain

My Partner is a Gamer

Contessa (Board Gaming)

Game Journalism

Nerdy But Flirty


X-Ray Vision

The Blonde Nerd


Zombie Gamer Online

The Married Gamers

The Mary Sue

Otaku Dames

Girl Gamer

International House of Geek

True Lady Gamers

Gaming Angels

Gamin’ Girl


Fat, Ugly or Slutty

Not in the Kitchen Anymore

Epic Gamer Girl

Looking for Group!

Girl Gamer Vogue

Girly Video Game Love

Cutie, The Triple D Gamer


Kiss My Wonder Woman (tumblr)

Ladies of the Roundtable

Geek Fashion

Geeky Glamorous

The Stylish Geek

Geek Piñata


Fashionably Geek

Console to Closet

Full Metal Cupcake


Geeky Glamorous

Her Universe

Ichigo Dreams

ThinkGeek Women’s T-Shirts

Laser Cut Acrylic Jewelry by LicketyCut

J!nx Women’s Wear


Clean Geeks


Chocolate Covered Cosplay

Dustbunny Cosplay

Chocolate Sushi

The not so Secret Life of an American Cosplayer

Ichigo Dreams Productions



Girls Gone Comic

Geek Video

Video Reviews

SANA Means Wish’s YouTube

Geeky Glamorous’s YouTube


The Comic Book Girl 19 Show

Talkin’ Comics Weekly




Joey Berry

Oasis Rising


Geek Culture

The Blonde Nerd’s YouTube Channel

Chrissa Sparkles’ YouTube

Geek Piñata’s YouTube

The Video GamHer’s YouTube

Press Heart to Continue

Krysti Pryde’s YouTube

Musicallity Skye’s YouTube

Pwning Pat’s YouTube

Raychul Moore’s YouTube


Official XX Girls

Miss Moonica’s YouTube



Nintendo FanGirl

RenaeCollects on YouTube

Geek Gurl Diaries YouTube

Girls of Geek

Erika Szabo

NBF Alyssa’s YouTube

Gameplay/Let’s Plays

Allahweh’s YouTube (+Twitch)

2 Girls 1 Game Show

Game Meets Girl

DeviousVacuum (+Twitch)

BleatingHeart (+Twitch)

Madame Wario’s YouTube

Double Damsels

Chatia12’s Youtube

Chatia12’s Twitch


VoodoGirl’s YouTube

SooperPook’s YouTube

The Midnite Faery’s YouTube

SoHoDollz’ YouTube

Insanely Gaming’s Twitch

Gameplay Jenny

Sylveria’s YouTube

Calxiyn’s YouTube


Insanely Gaming’s YouTube

Sinnistry’s YouTube

Sarah Plays a Thing

Nerdy But Flirty’s YouTube (+Twitch)

NBF Pam’s Twitch

Geek Blogs/Sites

Geek Piñata

Legion of Nerds

Make It Pink

Geek Girl Talk

Vanessa Reynolds

Comics and Cookies

Insanely Gaming

That Girl

so geek chic

Nerds With Vaginas

Geek Girl Reviews

The Girl Behind the Machine

Self Rescuing Princess Society

Pew Pew Laser


No, I Am a Dog

Girl in a Cape


Community Connect NJ

Lady Planes Walkers




Nerd Burger

In Case of Survival

Glamorous Gamer Girls

Black Girl Nerds

And She Games

Paper Droids

Gaming Girls

Geek at Heartily

Cheeky Geeks



Female Gamers (Dutch)

Curly Haired Geek Girl

Carmen The NInja


Girl Genius Web Comic

The Lady Gamer



The Gaming Goddess

The L Cast

Not FN Cute


NBF Podcast

Black Girl Nerds

Nerdette Podcast

Game on Girl Podcast

Female Game Clans/Teams

Less Than 3

Frag Dolls

PMS Clan

The Madams of Mayhem

Red Shoe Rebels


Die 4 Us

Fierce Gaming Females


Women In Games International (WIGI)

Women in Games International (WIGI) Newsletter

Girls in Tech Los Angeles

Geek Girl Camp

Girls Who Code

Black Girls Code

Nerdy Actresses

Felicia Day

Ashphord Jacoway

Lisa Foiles

Danielle McRae


50 thoughts on “The NBF Woman Geek Directory

  1. Hi. I run a woman-only game discussion/analysis/review YouTube channel and in the space I’m basically the only woman covering this type of material. I would love to be put on your list here.

  2. Hey there! Perhaps you’d like to add my blog to the list? I’m a video game collectress from Sweden, been blogging since 2012 over at 🙂
    I’ve also recently started a geeky collective of girls here in Sweden, together with my friend Becki. We’ve mainly been active on instagram, but recently started a blog where we have girls covering various geeky subjects such as gaming/anime/movies/sci-fi etc.. That blog can be found at

  3. Another one that is noteworthy includes Elders of Genova. 1/3 of the site admins are women and the news as well as a weekly art blog are run by a woman a lovely young woman as well.

  4. Hey there,

    I was wondering if you’d be interested in adding my Youtube Channel to the mix? I’ve been working as a gaming and anime blogger for the past 5 years now and decided to venture into videos almost a year ago. I specialize in JRPGs, retro games, anime and lots more. You can check out my channel here:

  5. Stumbled across your site while searching for fellow female gamers and really love what you have here! Feel free to check out/add my friend and my Let’s Play channel Double Damsels ( )! We are just starting out and would love to connect and collaborate with other females out there! 🙂

  6. Thank you for keeping such a nifty list! Throwing my hat in the ring here – I’ve been a blogger for years but I took a hiatus for a while and am just now getting back into it, so this particular blog is newish: – it’s your typical personal all-things-geeky random-thoughts-and-rants blog. Books, movies, video games, fanfiction, buying too many t-shirts … all of life’s important topics!

  7. Going to very softly blow my own horn here:

    I play several different Minecraft modpacks (my FTB Magic Farm series Cooking With Sarah is done in the style of a PBS-or-Food-TV cooking show), plus some scary games (currently wrapping up Amnesia: The Dark Descent and about to move on to A Machine for Pigs) and some wacky games like Surgeon Simulator 2013 and The Stanley Parable.

    Thanks! 🙂

  8. Awesome! I’m not sure if you only post English sites but we run a all girl female gaming website (Dutch) called

  9. Oh this is wonderful!! It’s exactly the sort of list I’ve been looking for — it’s a lot more difficult that I realised to find fellow geeky ladies in the blogosphere. 😀 I’ll take great joy perusing this list tonight. I’d also like to say that if you find it to your liking, my blog is an ecclectic assortment of geeky, too:

  10. Hi Sarah! I hope you’re having fun at PAX! I would love you and the team to check out my blog ( and add it to your list if it meets the requirements! ~Melissa

  11. WOW! the list is amazing! I’m glad to find so many blogs/sites that have similar taste as mine! If you can check out my blog and see if it meets the geeky qualifications :).

  12. Hey! In Case of Survival ( is a blog focusing on the funnier and more female-centric side of surviving the apocalypse. We’ve written articles about post-apo fashion and shoes, as well as how to cope with your period and how to build and run a post-apocalyptic compound.

    We also reviews games, films and books!

  13. What a great directory! I’d definitely recommend adding Fashionably Geek, Console To Closet and my site, PwnLove to your Geek Fashion section. I also think you should add Fangamer to your shopping list. They have great designs and recently introduced a lot of new tees available in womens sizes.

  14. Wow this is great. Thank you. I’m always adding female blogs onto my follow (actually I like to follow most gaming blogs I come across), but it’s nice to get games from a female perspective sometimes and I still tend to think of it as being a rarity. I know times are starting to change now though, but its hard to shake that old feeling of being one of few. 😛

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