Then He Starts Monologuing…

Fallout, and Bethesda in general, are great for open worlds, freedom to do just about anything you want, and glitches that lead to “WTF-was-that?” moments.

Like the fact that after the bombs, dropped cows not only grew two heads but also learned how to fly:


When not hanging out in every house they can find:


Then there’s the time the Brotherhood of Steel, Stick-up-his-ass Paladin Danse got smashed on Gwinnett Stout, threw his hands in the air, and went ice skating on the corpse of a glowing ghoul!

Not that you really want to trust the Brotherhood with anything more complicated than a spoon. I think they’re crashing their vertibirds on purpose now:

Or the fact you’re free to dress your Sole Survivor like they’re on a mission from God (sadly no Aretha Franklin dance numbers break out).


Which all leads to the culmination of this little moment courtesy of the Silver Shroud mission and why, when you’re a bad guy in a Bethesda game, you should spend less time talking about killing someone and more time doing it.

Got any other all-time favorite glitches that popped up in Fallout 4? Still stuck behind that stupid cow in Sanctuary? Share away in the comments.

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