Retro Items – What Are They Worth Today?


It’s always fun to think about what some of your favorite items as a child/teen might be worth in today’s market. There’s always this fantasy about how hot items from the 1970s, ’80s, or ’90s (or older, if you want to go super-retro with it) are worth lots of money today, but this isn’t always the case. Markets fluctuate all the time, generally based simply on buyer interest or disinterest.

A PR group recently sent me a link to this infographic about what certain items are worth today (holiday 2014). It’s really an interesting glimpse. Keep in mind that the condition of items is not mentioned, which I point out because I’ve seen boxed, unopened NES consoles going for several thousand dollars on eBay.

Enjoy, and stay tuned as 2014 wraps itself up!

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