The Gaming Goddess Podcast – Season 6, Ep. 12: Random Thoughts with Warren

Many of you are well-aware of who Warren C. Bennett is, since he’s been no stranger to this podcast. In fact, Warren has been a guest at some point during every season of the show so far, and he’s always a great person to have to stop by and talk for a while. Warren used to have a blog called Random Thoughts, but this year, he ditched the blog in favor of a custom-hosted website that better encapsulated his interests and goals, giving him a more professional atmosphere without pigeon-holing him into one specific genre (such as gaming).

As is usually the case when Warren is on the show, this episode ends up being sort of random. We talk about a lot of things, from traveling to nomadic lifestyles to things like riding trains. Yet, one common theme picks up part-way through and becomes a big discussion point: journalistic integrity. But don’t worry: this isn’t about GamerGate or anything like that, really, but rather a serious discussion on what it is that makes a good review, a good journalist, or something you can overall trust in and believe. In this episode, and in what will be the follow-up (Episode 13), we even talk about how things were back in the 1990s and how where we are today isn’t all that different.

You should definitely follow Warren on Twitter if you don’t yet, and please check out his new website! If you’d like an MP3 to download or stream of this episode, you can find that here.

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