Wario Land, BS Zelda, and Master Reboot – Three Finales to Enjoy!

The first of the three finales to enjoy is the third and final part of my Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 playthrough. Here, we head to Parsley Woods and then onwards to Syrup Castle, all the while locating hidden treasures to add to Wario’s cache. Since we managed to get every treasure in the game, we’re treated to a special ending! This time Wario doesn’t just get a castle, but a planetoid all of his own!

Now, why does a genie want money? Maybe it’s a sacrifice to punish Wario, as it’s the one thing Wario values, yet the genie doesn’t need. Hmmmm…

I had a lot of fun when I streamed the first half of the first quest of BS Zelda no Densetsu, so I wanted to make sure to get back into it while it was fresh so I could finish it. Here, we get every item in the game, including the Level 2 Ocarina and the Skeleton Key (I finally figured out how to get to that little island cave where the key was hidden!).

As usual, it’s a tad disappointing that there’s no real level nine, but this was by design due to the format in which the game was originally released back in 1995.

Finally, I made a promise to you all when I got frustrated at the last segment of Master Reboot that I would do a video to conclude it all. I keep true to my word and, surprisingly, I get through the final portion of the game in one attempt! I guess I was having a bad day the first time I tried, because it wasn’t so bad this time.

The ending was kind of sad and minimal, but I guess that was the point. I never did figure out what the computer meant when she said “I know where David is,” but maybe that was left open to our interpretation?

Tell us what you think!

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