Review: Superhero Comedy Caper Soars

Superheroes have all the fame and glory, but can they pay their rent with medals? Geek & Sundry’s latest webseries Caper handles this issue with hilarity. The series has finished now, so you can marathon all nine episodes over on either YouTube or Hulu, which is beneficial because the series is best watched as a whole rather than waiting for episodes to come out. These superheroes are trying to save their city while living in these dire economic times.


Caper is narrated by its main protagonist, Penny Blue (played by Abby Miller). Penny is a genius who has invented a robot suit called The Machine which she fights crime with (i.e, Iron Man). She lives with her three roommates, who all follow archetype superhero tropes. Luke (Harry Shum, Jr.) is the son of a human mother and an alien father. He portrays the do-good “Boy Scout” mentaility of superheroes like Superman. Dagr (Hartley Sawyer) is a good-looking Viking from another dimension and is akin to Thor. Lastly is Alexia (Beth Riesgraf), an Amazon warrior like Wonder Woman. The characters are obvious parodies of licensed characters, which made for a fun series.

Animated sequences accompany the live action, which was rather jarring at first. None of the superheroics were done in live action, which was quite disappointing, although the animation transitioned more smoothly as the series went on. It would have been great to at least see the cast in their hero garbs, but the most we get is The Machine’s helmet. Obviously this is a webseries that doesn’t have the budget of entities such as Marvel, so they definitely worked with what they had.


The story felt fresh and creative. Superheroes who decide to pull a heist (or caper, as Luke would rather it be called)?! That itself was interesting, but the way the story was told also made for a great journey. It starts in media res as we see the heroes running from police cars seemingly eluding capture from the authorities. It then jumps back in time to show us how we have gotten to this point. This is not an uncommon way to tell a story, but for a webseries, it was actually pretty clever. It seemed well thought-out and executed.

One of the best parts about Caper was the female characters. It’s no surprise that the superhero industry is male-dominated. Penny is the lead character who fights crime in a masculine suit. The show plays on this concept in a comedic way that certainly makes a person laugh. Alexia is one of the strongest characters on the show, and she’s independent and fierce. These women do not need saving, they do the saving.

Caper doesn’t take long to consume, and is certainly a must-watch. The first episode is probably the weakest, but as the series goes on, each episode gets better.


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