PAX: Day 2 Highlights

pax day two

Did you make it to Seattle to check out PAX Day 1 yesterday? No worries, the fun continues until September 2, and you can tune in online.

Here were the events that took place today via

PAX Prime 2013: Day 2 (Saturday 8/31) Main Theater Schedule

10:30 am – Penny Arcade Make-a-Strip! – The Penny Arcade guys put the exclamation point in there, not us. Yet there’s every reason to be excited, since attendees can hang with Gabe and Tycho and actually lend a hand in making the strip that will be up on Monday.

1 pm – The Next Dragon Age: An Introduction to the Inquisition – No, that doesn’t mean there’s going to be an inquisition into why Dragon Age II wasn’t the sequel many gamers were hoping it would be. Rather, this is a panel with Mark Darrah and Mike Laidlaw of BioWare introducing where the series is going next.

3 pm – Acquisitions Incorporated – Sounds all business-y, no? This is a live session of the D&D game/podcast that features the Penny Arcade folks, Scott Kurtz of PvP fame, and fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss – sounds like a good time!

8:30 pm – Saturday Night Concerts – New night, new acts on PAX Prime’s Saturday stage. Hideo, The Doubleclicks and MC Frontalot are tonight’s entertainment.

PAX Prime 2013: Day 1 (Saturday) Assorted Highlights:

11 am – Tabletop Tournament – Warhammer 40,000 Saturday Tournament

11 am – Benaroya Hall – Halo 4 Global Championship, Semi-finals

12 pm – Kraken Theatre – WildStar: Journey to Nexus

12 pm – Tabletop Tournament – Settlers of Cataan World Championship Pre-Qualifier

1 pm – PC Tournament – Team Fortress 2

3 pm – Kraken Theatre – Achieving Gender Diversity in Gaming: OK, Now What?

3:30 pm – Pegasus Theatre – Strategy Masterminds Mega Panel – XCOM: Enemy Within

4 pm – Serpent Theatre – Major Nelson Radio!

5 pm – Console Tournament – Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

5 pm – Pegasus Theatre – Relaunch: Redefining Champions in League of Legends

6 pm – Kraken Theatre – SmashMuck Champions Design-A-Champ! Do Our Jobs!

6:30 pm – Unicorn Theatre – The PAX 10 Panel: Part 2

7 pm – Tabletop Tournament – Magic: The Gathering Standard Format

8 pm – Console Tournament – Mario Kart Wii

9:30 pm – Unicorn Theatre – The Escapist Movie Night

9:30 pm – PC Tournament – The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Saturday Event

Also, be sure to check out a few other highlights from for all of today’s news posted live from Seattle.

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