Comic Review: Six Gun Gorilla

Well, it’s definitely original, in my opinion. Written by Simon Spurrier, with art by Jeff Stokely, Six Gun Gorilla takes us into the future to a place called “the blizzard.” This is a new world colonized by humans after all the natural resources on earth have been exhausted. Out in this new world, there is a raging war fought with clockwork weapons, renegades, giant tortoise transportation, and a pretty rad gorilla. Real guns aren’t supposed to work…but see, there’s always some give with “supposed to.”

The first issue of Six Gun Gorilla was definitely wild ‘n’ crazy! It’s got it all: the west, the future, clockwork weapons, and a badass gorilla. One might think that mixing all these genres might not work, but Spurrier makes it work, makes it original, and makes you really want to know what exactly is going on with this war. I am definitely in love with the weapons and the very interesting mode of transportation in the series. I’ll admit, the first issue was kind of confusing, as it didn’t really explain much, but that’s what a series is for, right? I guess I’ll just have to keep reading and find out…there’s the hook!

Now, I love the art for this comic – but I loved Jeff Stokely’s art long before Six Gun Gorilla. The line work is incredible; I love the slight sketchy feel. Six Gun Gorilla can get pretty violent, and I honestly love the way Stokely draws a head cut in half. I know that sounds weird, but it didn’t gross me out. There was enough detail per feature without it being too much. This is an artist to follow!

I think I am going to have to keep reading this series. I really want to know what is going on, and see what direction Spurrier will take this story. Overall, it is a good, fast-paced read. Six Gun Gorilla is out now, so hit up your local comic shop or buy it online here.

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