Spider Multifunction Bluetooth Speaker Review: CES 2013

At CES 2013, I happened by the Spider booth to check out this small-but-powerful Bluetooth Speaker (full model name is Spider International E-PTSK-BK03 Multifunction Bluetooth Speaker Black, but that’s a mouthful). The design is very sleek and modern, with soft edges that almost make it look like a mouse, and it is apparently the first speaker featuring a Li-ion rechargeable battery, touch LED panel, and wireless Bluetooth connection with multiple input modes.

The device came with a sturdy carrying pouch, a USB connector, and an aux in cord.


This little guy has loads of cool features that I found useful:

  • Utlizes bluetooth, so anything that can connect with a speaker can use this device
  • Voice tells you when you switch modes, so there is no guessing on your part about the settings
  • LCD front will allow you to see what you’re doing in the dark
  • Can act as a hands free speaker for phone calls
  • Built in sound card
  • Supports Micro SD Card Music Playing, SD card memory up to 32G, and MP3/WMA format


Although I loved using it for my phone, I did find that the Bluetooth could be finicky, and I was never able to get it to pair with my laptop, though my brother was able to get it to pair with his (we both own Mac Books). However, the device also connects to the computer via USB, so Bluetooth connection to the computer might not be that important.


Just like with the PowerForce headphones, it’s clear that Spider knows bass. The little speaker will do in a pinch for a house party. Since you can use more than one of these at a time, having two at a house party would be perfect.

However, I noticed terrifying background noises on my brother’s phone when I spoke to him via speaker. Although we were both in the same room, when I replied to him using the speaker, he heard screeches and squeals in the background. Not sure what caused that, but be sure to test it out before using it for any business calls.

black lcd speaker


You can buy this speaker on Amazon for as low as $40, but the official price is $60.



As feature-packed as this speaker is, I’m not sure if the price tag is a fit. Yes, this speaker can be paired with almost anything, but in the end, the sound is the same as any other portable speaker’s sound, and to me, that is what should affect the price.

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