Legacy: Dragon Age II DLC Trailer

BioWare has just released the trailer for their new DLC for DAII, Legacy. Trailer after the jump: The first DLC for DAIIwill be released July 26th, so we have a perfectly reasonable amount of time to wait for it.


A criminal cartel is hunting “the blood of Hawke” and Hawke, being Hawke, must put a stop to that nonsense. Legacytakes place in an ancient Grey Warden prison built outside of Kirkwall. BioWare promises that we will learn the truth about Hawke’s lineage (which apparently is bad, since they use the word “harsh”), visit several new locations (see my thoughts below on that), face new darkspawn, and forge a new weapon (squee!) which can be upgraded. The game will be $9.99 for PSN (CRAZY!), 800 BioWare Points on PC/Mac, and 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360.


I’m excited, of course. I still have my completely illogical hope that they will give me good stuff. So let’s just get that out of the way.

Grey Wardens! ❤

I love that they are bringing Grey Warden lore back in. They captured everyone’s heart in the first game, so continuing to see them in the DAuniverse is a feel-good moment.

New locations, huh?

One really must continue to hope that BioWare really understands how much it pisses fans off by re-using the same locations over and over. Since this claims we will be in new places, one might get a little hopeful. But one should not. In DA:O DLC, they locations were called “new” but were really re-named and (only sometimes) re-skinned locations from the game and expansion pack. Since DAIIreused locations in the actual game in this atrocious way, the hope that they won’t do it seems silly and unfounded.


God bless the Mass Effecting of Dragon Age. We will FINALLY get to play DA DLC with our companions! Thank the Maker! I spotted Fenris, Aveline, Anders, Merrill, and Varric. Didn’t see Sebastian or Isabela, but it’s possible I just didn’t look hard enough. Since it is all about the Hawkes, I also assume that either Carver or Bethany will join us as well. I sincerely hope all of the DLC uses this method, because a lot of us complained that we couldn’t use our companions on any of the DADLC.

Mysterious Mr. Dwarf

I assume it is a cartel of dwarves, since they say cartel and I see dwarves. However, it is strange that they would want to hurt the person who can destroy a darkspawn, so I’m interested to see how that works into the story.

Mini rant of the day


Really random and improbable hope of the day:

I hope it turns out that Hawke is really the descendent of the child of King Maric and that elf warden chick. This would be significant, because wardens carry the taint, and it might explain why they need Hawke’s blood in particular (he was conceived when the elf was covered in the Architect’s specific tainted magic). On the other hand, I personally believe that child is Alistair and that the palace maid story is just a lie. So who knows. With BioWare, there is one thing we can always count on: the story will rock. Now they just have to get the other stuff right.

He looks so cool! Why couldn’t they make other darkspawn look like that?

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