Game Informer on Mass Effect 3

I recently read my new issue of Game Informer, which had a lovely picture of male Shepard on the front (seriously, you male chauvinists, can we start getting female Hawke and Shepard stuff? This is annoying!). The article was very spoiler-tastic though, so if you’d rather have suspense, don’t read it and don’t read this post!

The article basically went into detail about some of the items I mentioned in my previous post and had some great interviews with developers.


The story will be about leaving Earth, which is being destroyed, to go and gather an army to defeat the Reapers. The choices your Shepard made in the first two games will effect which civilizations and races you can get to help you in this quest. The developers basically say that this game is all about finding a solution, with no clear and easy path laid out for the player.

New News

  • The planetary mineral mining aspect will change in some new way.
  • Fail ending will not be so hard to obtain (or at least they hint that it wont be the same set up…they kept referring to an analog ending though).
  • Vehicles will not be on the critical path (so basically, there will probably be vehicles, but like in ME2 they won’t be essential for the story…wish they would just GO AWAY).
  • After ME3, they may be looking into a MMO game.
  • Cinematics will show decisions and consequences much quicker.
  • Liara will be playable.
  • All important ex-squad mates will return in SOME FORM if they did not die.
  • James Sanders is an Alliance soldier who is a seasoned soldier but kind of new to the political workings of the galaxy.
  • After defeating the game, there will probably be a hybrid of ME and ME2‘s ending features, where you can both go back and finish missions as well as replay with better equipment, etc.


The decision to not have a linear path and to make the game about finding the solution smacks to me of DA2. Going from “questing” to “why are you the champion of Kirkwall and how did you get there?” was pretty useless in my opinion, and I much preferred a true plot. I have my worries that they are attempting the same kind of loose plot with this new game.

On the other hand, a loose plot to save the galaxy will still probably be much better than a loose plot to become the big britches of a city.

So, in other words, I’m tentatively hopeful.


Game Informer also has a special edition podcast that answers reader questions that the article brought up.

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